Friday, June 13, 2014

Green Smoothie

Did I talk about eating my greens today? Actually drinking it...
1 cucumber
handful of spinach leaves
30 odd mint leaves..
3-4 celery sticks and leaves
Blended into a coarse smoothy with some water.
Missed - some coconut milk/ a raw mango/ green apple...
2-3 mins to prepare, 1-2 mins to blend.
Insisted on not adding any salt, sugar, or lime. But Why?
... because we should learn how to survive in difficult situations 
Honestly it would have been impossible to eat it all, but to drink it down was much easier. For greens (or fruits), unless required, am rather a blender than a juicer. I like to not let go of anything. Even if the carotenoids take bit of a hit, all other nutrients are well delivered as a full package.
Most important is to have the greens from your own or from a very trusted source. Don't try this with the supermarket greens.
I want to ask the friends here, weather they are a blender or a juicer? and why so...
(Had to find a similar looking image on net, as was in too much of hurry to take one of mine.

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