Sunday, July 27, 2014

Recovery Drink

Last sunday, went #cycling a 100 miles in the sickening and humid weather. It was not the first time, and definitely knew how not to die. Just pedaled back home, and made my recovery drink first thing after a Sugary Lemonade. 

This one is a bliss, and a great healer after a hot day. All you need - 
Take 1 big piece of your seasonal fruit like Mango, Guava, Banana, pear etc. and cut it into the blender. 
10g of ginger crushed, 
10g of raw turmeric, 
and 2 spoons of seed mix. 
Add a spoon of brown sugar.

Pour all of this in a blender with half cup of cold water and whisk well. 
Top it to 500 ml mark and make a smoothie.

Carve 2 glass out of this. Dunk 1 immediately, and go for second one after an hr. Catch a short nap in between if you:)

Friday, July 18, 2014

When I baked the bread!

Well, that's kind of an unkind way of putting it. I bake breads very frequently for our daily consumption. It was just for the past 3-4 weeks, when the focus was on launching, I didn't get time to bake any bread. I know it's a time consuming process, but is absolutely worth it, when what you are making is just the way you want, without any artificial additive, is clean, and 100% wholegrain.

What is in the sandwich?
The bread, chilli flakes in mustard oil, and garden tomatoes. On the side you see is traditional Kasundi (from Bengal) a desi mustard sauce...
and news article on use of Cannabis in cancer treatment.

Eat simple... and - Viva la vida loca :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Peanut milk smoothie for dinner tonight.

Soak the peanuts overnight and through the water. start with fresh filtered water for blending.
Reached home early and got time to go tinkering in the kitchen. Have been toying with the idea of finding a replacement of animal and soy milk. Peanuts looked like one possible option. So here is a cup of peanuts, soaked and drained. Blend this with 4 cups of water for around a minute. Voila! We are ready. The blend can be used as-is for making a yogurt or using in a shake. This can also be strained for clear milk. Don't through the pulp. It can be used in baking, or added to chapati dough. The milk tastes like, well, peanutty, but it's a good taste.
I went on to make a smoothie, adding a spoon of jaggery, fresh pomegranate, and grainny's seed mix, having a hearty dinner, dunking in some calcium rich Ragi cookies, straight from a beer mug.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sunday Hearty Potatoes and Plum Dressing

Typical Aaloo chat has been favourite for ages. Just that it can beat any of the McD or KFC junk in crappiness.
This one is a different story. Because it does taste devilish but the nourishment is divine. After the Mango smoothie and Jamun morning, Ritu conjured this for a quick Brunch.
Hearty potato salad-
Take Boil/steam chunks of potato (2per person),
sprouts of Moong Daal and alfaalfa (half cup per person)
2-3 Raw grated Carrots
2-3 celery leaves chopped
Salt to taste
Toss them together and this is ready.
Plum Chutney
Pulp of 3-4 plums
1 tomato
1 Tablespoon jaggery
2-3 pinches of Salt
And half teaspoon chili flakes
Blend these in a blender and its ready
Eat this by tummyful. Give a smart slip to bread and parathas.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Saturday Mango Smoothie

Its been many Saturdays, when I got up with the sun shining bright. It's an unusually hot day for this time of the year. In another year, it would be the middle of Monsoons, raining. If there is anything good in this, than it's Mangos. They will keep rolling in till the first Monsoon shower, and disappear after that.
Anyway, it's a no work day and Ritu is still in bed. There is a farm to visit this morning and we need to eat well before that.
So here I find 2 Mangos (langada) and set out for my 2 min smoothie. Quickly chopped them into the jar. Grated 1 inch of ginger, a hefty pinch of mint leaves, Grainny's home made seed mix, 2 spoons of brown Sugar (it is weekend dude!) Handful of ice cubes, and that is it.
Blended it, topping with water to 900ml mark. After 30 -45 seconds the smoothie is ready.

Took the picture, drank my glass, and settled the remaining in fridge, because the girls are still sleeping.

Notes- Mango comes with various aromas, colors and tastes. This one is traditionally not used for smoothies. Exactly why I had to. The ginger compliments the intensely sweet pungency of this variety.

Used to Sugarless smoothies, this added sugar felt a bit too sweet to me. But guess will go well with the other two. Anyway if you are making it, use your own spoon.

The color was rather pale, as the mango is inherently light yellow in color. With added mint, the color became more green. I would not think much of it. I like'em yellow blonde.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Musk melon smoothie

Check out @manasarvind1's Tweet:

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mango Salsa

So Ritu got this recipe from somewhere, and than we added a bit of our twist also to it.
Take everything you see here in the picture.
2 medium mangoes (using Kesar here, but I guess Langada will be better with its unique pungent sweetness)
7-8 Garlic cloves (hand pound fine)
1 onion
2 celery stalk sticks
2-3 green chilies
2-3 tomatoes
Juice from 2 lime
Salt, chilli flakes, oragano to taste
Can add fresh mint/pepper mint
And a spoon of mildly roasted Sesame seeds and peanuts for some crunchiness.

Coarsely mash the Mango Pulp with hand. Now lick those fingers, before washing the hands.
Chop everything finally, and mix together.
Give it a hearty whisk with a spoon, after adding the condiments.

Hard part - Leave this in fridge for 12 hrs/overnight.

Eating Ideas - Eat a bowlful of this Raw for supper, or pep it with Grainny's Trail Mix 50:50 for a hearty energetic meal any time.