Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dried Tomatinoes

Closer to Sun dried, Tomatoes, these are being air dried at a slow temperature in a sterile enclosure, to retain their nutrition and save them from aerial contamination. Put a piece in your mouth and let it explode with flavours and taste. This is one of the most amazing food I have been thinking of making for a long time. All that needed was a bagful of tomatoes, and space in our kitchen. Now ready, they can be tossed in almost everything, be it pasta, Daal, Pulao, Sabji, Mutton or chicken curries, sandwiches. And guess what, one doesn't need to stop the stray hand going in the container and eating it just like that. 

But why all this fuss about tomatoes? Because they are a good source of Lycopene, an outstanding antiOxidant.

And we are talking of serious contents here...
45902µg per 100 grams. That is the highest concentration found in foods. 

A 50g serving of these can get you a good portion of your daily RDA of many minerals like 
Iron (27%), 
Magnesium (26%), 
Phosphorus (19%), 
Potassium (53%), 
Copper (38%), 
Manganese (50%)

Upavan Workshops in Punjab.

Ritu Mathur, the inspiration and the pillar of Grainny's, helping people adopt better food habits. Ritu recently conducted a series of workshops with Kheti Virasat Mission, in 5 major cities of Punjab. he workshops drew big numbers, as more and more people are now concerned with eating clean healthy food. 

'Organic Food' vs. 'Food'

What is called 'Organic Food' now, our grandmothers called it 'Food'.

The Sports Bread

It's criminal to bake only 3, when you can bake 23.
But it's just the beginning
Important activity of the day.

Making a bread is not a difficult task, specially the ones which are sold all over the market as Brown bread or gourmet Bread. What has taken all the time, in the last 15 days was baking all natural and Vegan Breads for sports and fitness nutrition. The loaf is balanced with complex carbs, proteins and minerals. All coming from natural ingredients.
 One on left is good for pre workout and the other 2 are for post workout. Difference is in the variance in proteins and the kind of Carbs. BTW, reinstating, all ingredients are straight 'from the plants' and none 'made in the plant'... Well yeast comes in a package. 


In another incident today, N. Modi was sworn in as Prime Minister of India.

Solid yet soft. The rise is modest, but the taste is awesome.