Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Peanut milk smoothie for dinner tonight.

Soak the peanuts overnight and through the water. start with fresh filtered water for blending.
Reached home early and got time to go tinkering in the kitchen. Have been toying with the idea of finding a replacement of animal and soy milk. Peanuts looked like one possible option. So here is a cup of peanuts, soaked and drained. Blend this with 4 cups of water for around a minute. Voila! We are ready. The blend can be used as-is for making a yogurt or using in a shake. This can also be strained for clear milk. Don't through the pulp. It can be used in baking, or added to chapati dough. The milk tastes like, well, peanutty, but it's a good taste.
I went on to make a smoothie, adding a spoon of jaggery, fresh pomegranate, and grainny's seed mix, having a hearty dinner, dunking in some calcium rich Ragi cookies, straight from a beer mug.

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