Sunday, July 27, 2014

Recovery Drink

Last sunday, went #cycling a 100 miles in the sickening and humid weather. It was not the first time, and definitely knew how not to die. Just pedaled back home, and made my recovery drink first thing after a Sugary Lemonade. 

This one is a bliss, and a great healer after a hot day. All you need - 
Take 1 big piece of your seasonal fruit like Mango, Guava, Banana, pear etc. and cut it into the blender. 
10g of ginger crushed, 
10g of raw turmeric, 
and 2 spoons of seed mix. 
Add a spoon of brown sugar.

Pour all of this in a blender with half cup of cold water and whisk well. 
Top it to 500 ml mark and make a smoothie.

Carve 2 glass out of this. Dunk 1 immediately, and go for second one after an hr. Catch a short nap in between if you:)

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