Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grilled potatoes and Avocado Dip.

Ritu and I have been away to attend a Natueco meet in Rajkot. It turned out to be a non stop feast of traditional Gujarati food and Kesar Mangos. Along with the meet, there ensued a huge side discussion on Vegetarian and Vegan food with Saroj and Amrish, syphoning off impossible numbers of mangos... Anyway what does it have to do with today's breakfast?

While left potatoes to boil on gas, grossly chopped Basil, green chillies and opened one Anaar (pomegranate)... Anaar is simpler to write ;)

On the the side crushed some dried tomatoes and seeds in a grinder.

Process- grilled potato in pan with a spoon of Coconut oil. Added chillies and Basil towards the end. Once done, sprinkled the seed mix and some dried tomatoes on top. Salt+pepper as per taste.

Great for a Breakfast. With ample good carbs, vitamins, minerals and some proteins. Club this to a Banana+mint smoothie (finished before I could click), and it becomes a super charger for the day.

10 mins to prepare and cook.
(All the smoothies I make are without any animal products and added sugars. On a special day, I may add some coconut or bean/nut milk but otherwise its just water.)

What you see in the dip dish is Avocado Spread Ritu made yesterday. Very Raw and Very yummy.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kesar from Saurashtra.

Kesar, a variety of Mango, can even be called state fruit of Saurashtra. Last 2 days we witnessed almost a celebration, of this fruit in every meal, every one taking pride in the fruit and it's aroma and taste.  This lot is hand picked from a Natuco method orchard. I would call it organic++. Our prized delicacy for the next few days.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mango peach Smoothie

When you want a Smoothie in a jiffy, and still make a meal out it, this is the one. 

All that you need...
-1 mango,
-2 peaches,
-spoon of crushed and soaked Tukhmaria/chia seeds. Can also add Flax and Sesame seeds along.
-mint leaves,
-Cold water (half a glass would still keep it very nice and thick)
-some heart and star shaped ice cubes :) -electricity
-and a blender.

I neither add sugar/honey nor milk/yogurt.
So this is Vegan. You can add if you wish

Chop all in blender and whizzzzz. I like to keep it a bit coarse.

This made around 700 ml. It's like 2 big servings, but am going to have both. :)

...could finally see that www.grainnys.com is up and running. Celebrating with this rich coloured and textured smoothie.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Green Smoothie

Did I talk about eating my greens today? Actually drinking it...
1 cucumber
handful of spinach leaves
30 odd mint leaves..
3-4 celery sticks and leaves
Blended into a coarse smoothy with some water.
Missed - some coconut milk/ a raw mango/ green apple...
2-3 mins to prepare, 1-2 mins to blend.
Insisted on not adding any salt, sugar, or lime. But Why?
... because we should learn how to survive in difficult situations 
Honestly it would have been impossible to eat it all, but to drink it down was much easier. For greens (or fruits), unless required, am rather a blender than a juicer. I like to not let go of anything. Even if the carotenoids take bit of a hit, all other nutrients are well delivered as a full package.
Most important is to have the greens from your own or from a very trusted source. Don't try this with the supermarket greens.
I want to ask the friends here, weather they are a blender or a juicer? and why so...
(Had to find a similar looking image on net, as was in too much of hurry to take one of mine. Courtsey:youngandraw.com)

Brown Rice Pulao

Ritu and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and some of it can actually be shared online. Night before, we had a little argument on what is better to eat for dipper (between dinner and supper). We both agree that its ok to have a bit of grains for dinner but best to skip them in supper. So we found a middle path. Steamed beans, carrots, and spinach. Sauteed onions, tomatoes, and green pepper. Boiled a little brown rice, mixed all of it in a pan, added a cup of coconut milk, and ginger+garlic+basil paste. Mixed it all over flame for 30 seconds, closed the gas and lid, and left it to settle for 5 mins.
Veggies 60% Rice 20% and water 20%
Preparation time - rice soaked for 30min, rest all 15 mins (chopping a mound of veggies basically) including 10 mins cooking.
Eating time- 45 mins, because we love to eat at a tortoise pace.