Thursday, January 29, 2015

Superman's Breakfast

Now it has been a long time since I posted anything here. Yes we have been making and eating good stuff, just that got busy with many things. Will come to that later.
Here is something which you probably have had before. Ya, but this one is a bit twisted, with Ritu's happy iinventiveness.

You need some sweet potatoes, potatoes, lime, beetroot and spices. And a green leaf for the garnish (we used kale, which I chomped into after the picture)

Clean the potatoes thoroughly and get rid of all the clingy soil. We are not going to peel these.
Cut these into half a finger long chunks. Put them in a microwavable glass dish, cover with lid, and toss them with a spoon of mustard oil (actually I don't care, but mustard tastes and works well)

Just microwave it covered for 4-6 mins. Check if done, else put it back for 1-2 mins.
Now squeeze the lime, add some salt, chat masala.
Ya toss it well after grating some raw beet root amply on top.

Enjoy the super breakfast!

Total time from thought to naught - 10-12 mins.

Signing off!

Manas Arvind
The health Chef in a hurry