Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sunday Hearty Potatoes and Plum Dressing

Typical Aaloo chat has been favourite for ages. Just that it can beat any of the McD or KFC junk in crappiness.
This one is a different story. Because it does taste devilish but the nourishment is divine. After the Mango smoothie and Jamun morning, Ritu conjured this for a quick Brunch.
Hearty potato salad-
Take Boil/steam chunks of potato (2per person),
sprouts of Moong Daal and alfaalfa (half cup per person)
2-3 Raw grated Carrots
2-3 celery leaves chopped
Salt to taste
Toss them together and this is ready.
Plum Chutney
Pulp of 3-4 plums
1 tomato
1 Tablespoon jaggery
2-3 pinches of Salt
And half teaspoon chili flakes
Blend these in a blender and its ready
Eat this by tummyful. Give a smart slip to bread and parathas.

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