Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dried Tomatinoes

Closer to Sun dried, Tomatoes, these are being air dried at a slow temperature in a sterile enclosure, to retain their nutrition and save them from aerial contamination. Put a piece in your mouth and let it explode with flavours and taste. This is one of the most amazing food I have been thinking of making for a long time. All that needed was a bagful of tomatoes, and space in our kitchen. Now ready, they can be tossed in almost everything, be it pasta, Daal, Pulao, Sabji, Mutton or chicken curries, sandwiches. And guess what, one doesn't need to stop the stray hand going in the container and eating it just like that. 

But why all this fuss about tomatoes? Because they are a good source of Lycopene, an outstanding antiOxidant.

And we are talking of serious contents here...
45902µg per 100 grams. That is the highest concentration found in foods. 

A 50g serving of these can get you a good portion of your daily RDA of many minerals like 
Iron (27%), 
Magnesium (26%), 
Phosphorus (19%), 
Potassium (53%), 
Copper (38%), 
Manganese (50%)

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